Packaging and printing costs need to control the six major points


Packaging and printing industry has entered the era of micro-profit manufacturers information, and the ever-increasing financial crisis has contributed to the survival crisis of packaging and printing companies, packaging and printing companies will face great challenges, when packaging and printing companies in accordance with In the past, the management of the extensive mode was destined to be abandoned by the times. In this case, a fine management control mode should be adopted in cost management. Below we briefly describe cost control from several aspects.




1 Timely and modest increase in the rate of qualified products for the final product


The passing rate of the final product represents the conversion rate from raw materials to final products in a company's production process. It is a key data development history. The higher the qualification rate, the higher the conversion rate from raw material to final product is maintained. On the other hand, it means that investing in the same raw material can produce more products than a lower pass rate, and naturally it can also create higher profits. Increasing the final product qualification rate seems to be a good idea, but it may not be as simple as the actual operation, because the final product qualification rate of any company is related to the management of this enterprise, equipment operation rate and staff technical level. Many factors, such as the quality of personnel, are closely related to the typesetting, and the improvement of the passing rate of final products within the company should also adopt a gradual development model, which cannot be accomplished overnight. After all, this is a job that needs hard work, but once it is implemented, it will For the development of the company to inject vitality into sustainable development.




2 Improve the utilization of raw materials


Just increasing the pass rate of the final product does not represent a significant reduction in cost, for example: a single product printed on the same size paper




On the high-fidelity printing, if the first program is printed for each version of 28 open, the final product qualified product rate reached 98%; the second program is printed for each version of 30 open, the final product qualified product rate reached 96.5% If printing 500,000 products, the first solution will consume about 18,222 pieces of post-printing equipment, and the second solution will consume about 17,272 pieces of paper. It can be seen that although the second option has a low rate of qualified products but the consumption is not high, the concept of paper utilization is introduced. If the utilization rate of paper is increased, it will be effective and make maximum use of paper, so as to guarantee the input of the same paper. Will get more products. The paper utilization rate should be set before each single product production, and the paper utilization rate should be increased as much as possible to meet the production without affecting the product quality. The specific measures are to remove or reduce each trademark and other final product as much as possible. Between the extraction of the knife and the reduction of the white edges around each edition... The reasonable and effective increase of the paper utilization rate will make a significant contribution to the reduction of costs, and the two indicators of paper utilization rate and pass rate are bound together. Joint improvement will make the cost reduction work really implemented.




Through the understanding of the paper utilization rate, we can fully realize the concept of the use of raw materials to introduce the concept of utilization, that is, in the actual production to strive to improve the utilization of the layout, improve the ink usage rate, etc. Raw material use indicators work hard to avoid excessive intangible waste in production.

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